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About Us




Welcome to Pet Monarchy Boutique

  We are dedicated to offering worth royal's weight in gold premium and luxurious pet products with affordable prices.

  Please visit our blog for pets and their human companion at  www.petmonarchy.com/pmworld  where you can read and even share experiences, concerns, and triumphs.

    Meet our Team

Joanna Aqua is an American fashion designer and product developer for people and pets. She was born into a multicultural, tri-racial family in Europe, she is octolingual. During her youth, before she permanently moved to New York City, she lived in few European countries. France and Italy were two of them, they influenced her style, eye for color, and creative way of inventing new rules in fashion. She studied in many different European countries, which included universities in France and Italy. Doing so, opened her up to many experiences including both modern and traditional Couture Fashion. At age of 4, Joanna became interested in arts, music, dancing, and science. At age of 6, she fell in love with the art of Salvador Dali, so she started to read his biography and study his paintings. Since then she became the enthusiast of visual arts. At age of 10, she studied Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. She was fascinated by his genius, dedication, and talent in his work of physics. At the age of 12, she started to develop a taste for classical music, among the first composers who opened her heart was Johann Sebastian Bach. At the same age, she started to draw 100 fashion designs a day. It was her way of relaxing. She would show them to her friends and made sure that each design was unique and interesting. Those three childhood influences made her who she is today. Joanna brings to her designs: three-dimensional structure, aspects of kinesiology to increase comfort during the motion for pets and unexpected influences from history and art. She always keeps in mind the movement and characteristic of each fabric and its embellishments. She takes into account the effects of colors and textures of materials and its interaction with light. She has a sixth sense about what will be next in modern fashion and often uses it in her work. Joanna's Pet Monarchy Couture creates unprecedented pet fashion designs in history. She was the first to use the highest quality silks on pets, such as Gucci's and Roberto Cavalli's silks, beaded tassels on double trains, brocades, rhinestones, custom-made LED parts, UV protective materials, nouveaux fabrics. She recently invented pet undergarments. Her designs are pure creations of her imagination, with elements never seen before in fashion. She always says: she is not a "copycat", she is a "creative sphynx". Since Summer 2014, she started to design "made to measure apparel" for "any species", including all animals and people. She was a pioneer of this so grown now trend. In Fall 2014 she started to launch customized pet fashion via her website. She strongly believes that people who use clothing and accessories for pets are subconsciously associating them with babies. Joanna also thinks that it makes them naturally love their pets deeper and care for them more. She hopes fashion for pets will attract the younger generation to care for pets and respect all animals on the Planet. She wants to keep designing for pets to help pet owners to better understand and cherish their pets, as well as influence communities to be kind and caring for all animals on Earth. Joanna and her designs participate in Fundraisers for Shelters and Rescue Groups all over the United States. She wants to give back to pets who are in need of homes or urgent help. She is trying to be the voice of the voiceless. She believes fashion and pet rescue can go hand in hand in bringing a better life to animals. Her motto is: "ADOPT, LOVE, ENJOY AND SPOIL PETS". She lives in Manhattan, New York City with her Muse and Inspiration for all of her work: sphynx Coco-Mau Aqua, the best-dressed cat in the World. Joanna's designs opened Red Carpet Event/Fashion Show "Inspire" by Animal History Museum in Beverly Hills, California during LA Fashion Week. She participates in many Pet Fashion Shows. Joanna Aqua is one of the designers who are innovative and passionate about fashion and animals. She had several appearances on Radio Stations and Local TV Stations, blogs, social media and shows, and events. Her designs are known globally, she was featured as an uber creative and naturally talented designer. Currently, she studies Couture Fashion through private university in Milano, Italy and London, England. She says she is as good as her last design and she doesn't want to stop improving her skills. She is also a fashion designer and a developer of garments, products, and accessories for several pet and human companies. Recently she became an interior designer with Feng Shui expertise. One thing could be said for sure about Joanna, her unusual upbringing and multicultural experiences were a great contribution to her tremendous imagination. She just loves to design and hopes people and pets will like her creations and artistic contributions.


Coco-Mau and Joanna proudly belong to International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals
Coco-Mau and Joanna proudly belong to International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals