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My Meowmy was watching well known shopping network and she came across of the video on which they were preparing homemade treats for dogs. She realized she would love to have healthy, wholesome, tasty treats for me, her beloved kitty! I am extremely finicky sphynx and my favorite food in the whole wide World is…. […]... To Read More Click Here
As most already know my Meowmy and I are Pet Couturiers and Designers. One of our couture dresses were tailored to measure to be featured by Pepper Pomeranian on Global Pet Expo 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Here is Pepper in “Gone With The Wind” Dress made by us: If you would like to know what […]... To Read More Click Here
        My mother-in-law had taken in a stray cat and named her Boots. For some unknown reason, she had not gotten Boots spayed, but Boots didn’t have kittens until the year after my mother-in-law died. My husband Clayton and I were preparing her house for renting so we were there to feed […]... To Read More Click Here
      Once upon a time, many years before my 5 current furbabies were born and came to rule our house, there was a neighborhood stray named Molly. At this time, Clayton and I had just gotten married and were living in an apartment complex. One day, the lady that lived next door came […]... To Read More Click Here
My home is ruled by five very spoiled cats, that are loved and cherished beyond belief. The oldest, PrincessPuff, is a 12year old ginger female, which I have been told is unusual. She is definitely the diva of the crew. PrincessPuff in her glory: KingMoo was the next one to join the family. As his name indicates, he is black an... To Read More Click Here
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