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Instructions on making a cat toy: 1. You need some yarn and pieces of thick fabric or scraps of carpet and few wine corks. 2. Tie the yarn a bunch of times around the thick fabric (carpet pieces) or cork until you’ve made something that looks like the above picture. Tie up the ends together. […]... To Read More Click Here
My Meowmy was watching well known shopping network and she came across of the video on which they were preparing homemade treats for dogs. She realized she would love to have healthy, wholesome, tasty treats for me, her beloved kitty! I am extremely finicky sphynx and my favorite food in the whole wide World is…. […]... To Read More Click Here
As most already know my Meowmy and I are Pet Couturiers and Designers. One of our couture dresses were tailored to measure to be featured by Pepper Pomeranian on Global Pet Expo 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Here is Pepper in “Gone With The Wind” Dress made by us: If you would like to know what […]... To Read More Click Here
Hi Pals, It’s been a while since I wrote… If you ask me why… Long story but it involved mad, unexpected stalker and my human being naiveté. Since I had so much to say but was taken by sudden dramatic turns, I decided to stop to write. NO MORE! No one will stop me. And […]... To Read More Click Here
  Hello Anipals, my Meowmy, Joanna was on the radio the other day.  She was talking about pets safety during Holidays and Pet Fashion Trends in 2014… I will sell one secret according to her biggest Trend is to Adopt Pets, not Shop for Them!!  If you click on the link below you can hear […]... To Read More Click Here
  Human follows me around, kisses and pets me since the morning… “Oh, human, I feel something fishy… and it’s not an aroma of fresh tuna neither bonito flakes“. I decide to nonchalantly show indifference. I meow out loudly to order the breakfast from this obviously lazy person. If she keeps up this w... To Read More Click Here
Why you need to have a pet Twitter account?     Hi everybody (effurebody), you probably ask yourself: what is she talking about? Why this website is covered by videos of  her pet, and she obsessively supports all posts and articles concerning animals only? Well, my dear readers, I discovered other dimension of our life. [&h... To Read More Click Here
# PMWorld Birthday Phun 2013   Celebrate Birthdays of our Anipals; Patty’s Mom, Polly, Otis, Rocky, Scricci and Coco-Mau Aqua. Join the Phun!   Enjoy your Memorial Weekend in style with Pet Monarchy! #PMWorld Birthday Phun will be held in Central Park in Belvedere Castle. Belvedere means ‘beautiful view’ or... To Read More Click Here
Little Sphynx Story   Hello everyone and effurybody and furless fellows.  It’s about a time I write here too. Meow. My name is Coco-Mau Aqua. I live with my Meowmy, Joanna in Manhattan. In several days I will be 2 years old.     I was born in New York City to European Peterbald Sphynx […]... To Read More Click Here
My Story by Tinkie Cat   My name iz Tinkie Weed an I lib wif my mom and dad staff in Indiana. I hab two brofurs an one sisfur. My sisfur is a black kitty panfur named Corby but mom calls her Pookie Poo cuz she like it. My one brofur is a ginger tabby like me named Buddy. He’s bigger dan me. Den […]... To Read More Click Here
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