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My Meowmy was watching well known shopping network and she came across of the video on which they were preparing homemade treats for dogs. She realized she would love to have healthy, wholesome, tasty treats for me, her beloved kitty! I am extremely finicky sphynx and my favorite food in the whole wide World is…. […]... To Read More Click Here
  Hello Anipals, my Meowmy, Joanna was on the radio the other day.  She was talking about pets safety during Holidays and Pet Fashion Trends in 2014… I will sell one secret according to her biggest Trend is to Adopt Pets, not Shop for Them!!  If you click on the link below you can hear […]... To Read More Click Here
  Human follows me around, kisses and pets me since the morning… “Oh, human, I feel something fishy… and it’s not an aroma of fresh tuna neither bonito flakes“. I decide to nonchalantly show indifference. I meow out loudly to order the breakfast from this obviously lazy person. If she keeps up this w... To Read More Click Here
Living City Kitty Life…   Some of my pals who live away from cities were wondering how my life looks like in Manhattan. So let me describe my usual day. First thing you should know I typically sleep in Joanna’s bed. As soon as our neighbors start to make noise, I get up. Since I […]... To Read More Click Here
Little Sphynx Story   Hello everyone and effurybody and furless fellows.  It’s about a time I write here too. Meow. My name is Coco-Mau Aqua. I live with my Meowmy, Joanna in Manhattan. In several days I will be 2 years old.     I was born in New York City to European Peterbald Sphynx […]... To Read More Click Here
Sphynx Care – Nails and Teeth       Nails Nails of sphynx are same as other cats’ so you will have to clip them every 2-3 weeks. I recommend sharp, always disinfected clippers to prevent crushing of the nail. And like with all cats you have to cut about 2 mm from the quick. Start […]... To Read More Click Here
Sphynx Care – Ears and Eyes     Eyes Sphynx don’t have eyelashes, their eyes produce thicker than tears discharge which works as a moisturizer, protector and cleanser.  Sphynx clean their own eyes and wipe off brownish, jelly like residue. But if for some reason they have left some significant amount of dischar... To Read More Click Here
Sphynx Care – Bath   Sphynx needs to be bathed regularly. They usually have no visible hair and produce sebum which protects their skin from pathogens, moisturizes, softens and provides elasticity. Usually each sphynx  needs bath weekly, but some with drier skin can go without as long as 2-3 weeks. If you don’t wash... To Read More Click Here
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