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 Pet Monarchy Sizing Chart


CRITTER UNDER 3LBS Please specify in comment Please specify in comment Please specify in comment
XXS - DOG 5"-6.5" 10"-11" 6"-7"
XS - DOG 6.5"-8" 11"-13" 8"-9"
S - DOG 8"-10" 13"-16" 10"-11"
M - DOG 10"-12" 16"-19" 12"-14"
L - DOG 12"-14" 19"-22" 15"-17"
XL - DOG 14"-16" 22"-26" 18"-21"
2XL - DOG 16"-19" 27"-31" 22"-25"
3XL - DOG 19"-22" 31"-35" 26"-29"
4XL - DOG 22"-25" 35"-40" 30"-33"
5XL - DOG 25"-29" 40"-44" 34"-37"
CSS- CUSTOM SIZE DOG SMALL, BELOW 10LBS Please specify in comment Please specify in comment Please specify in comment
CSM - CUSTOM SIZE DOG MEDIUM, BETWEEN 10LBS-25LBS Please specify in comment  Please specify in comment Please specify in comment
CSL - CUSTOM SIZE DOG LARGE, ABOVE 25LBS Please specify in comment Please specify in comment Please specify in comment
DXS - DACHSHUND EXTRA SMALL 7"-8.5" 12"-14" Please specify in comment 
DS - DACHSHUND SMALL 8.5"-10" 14"-16" Please specify in comment
DM - DACHSHUND MEDIUM  10"-12" 16"-18.5" Please specify in comment
CG - WELSH CORGI 14"-15.5" 20.5"-22" Please specify in comment
FB - FRENCH BULLDOG  13.5"-16" 19.5"-22" Please specify in comment
CS - CAT SMALL Please specify in comment 11"-14" 10"-13"
CM - CAT MEDIUM  Please specify in comment 14"-17" 13"-16"
CL - CAT LARGE Please specify in comment 17"-20" 13"-16"
CSC - CUSTOM SIZE CAT Please specify in comment Please specify in comment  Please specify in comment




How To Measure Your Pet's Chest Girth

Begin your pet measurements by determining the size of your pet's girth. A pet' girth is found by measuring the circumference around the rib cage. Have your pet stand up. Ask a friend to feed treats by holding the treats just above your pet's nose. This ensures that your pet is standing as tall as possible. Hold one end of the measuring tape on the spine, just behind the shoulders. Roll the free end of the measuring tape down along the pet's side until it reaches the bottom of the widest point of the ribcage, which is located behind the front legs. Wrap the measuring tape underneath the rib cage then back over the opposite side of the body. Join the free end of the measuring tape to the beginning edge where you started, on the spine behind the shoulders. Write down the final measurement you see at the point where the free end touches the beginning edge. This is the chest girth measurement.

How To Measure Your Pet's Body Length

Determine the length of your pet's body by measuring between the base of the neck and the beginning of the tail. Have your friend feed pet treats to persuade the pet to stand upright. Begin by placing the beginning edge of the measuring tape at the base of the neck. This is the point where the base of the head joins the neck. Extend the free end of the measuring tape along the length of the spine until it reaches the base of the tail. Write down the number you see where the free end of the measuring tape touches the base of the tail. This is your pet's length measurement.

Important Tips

Pet apparel fit differently depending on the manufacturer. One manufacturer's largest size of pet garment may be a medium size for another manufacturer. Determine the appropriate pet apparel size by always checking the sizing chart against your pet's girth and length measurements before placing an order. When you measure for pet garment, a cloth seamstress' measuring tape is easiest to use because it's flexible and can wrap around the pet's body.





Puppia, Pinkoholic and Catspia Charts


Each product has information on its page. You may find them in picture gallery for each product.

Puppia, Pinkaholic and Catspia has sizing charts and info included in description. 

All sizes of Puppia, Pinkaholic and Catspia products are standarized and based on the girth of the trunk.

Please, check size of your pet before ordering so she/he has comfort of wearing our products.  


Sizing Pincaholic Puppia


All values are in inches in all sizing charts.

Why do cats need to dress up?

1) Prevents hair fluffing

2) Reduces hair grooming and prevents hair balls

3)Decreases stress and shivers associated with grooming


Cats unlike dogs  can take longer time to adapt to clothing: a temporary phenomenon that cats may walk at first sideways or become stiff. Cats will adapt within 3 to 7 days. 






S 2~5 3~6
M 6~8 6~12
L 9~12 12 AND UP




SIZE Body Length Breast Girth Neck Girth
S 10.6 inch 14.2 inch 8.3 inch
M 13.0 inch 16.5 inch 10.2 inch
L 14.6 inch 18.9 inch 11.8 inch




If you have any questions please feel free to ask us