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Pet Monarchy Boutique


  Welcome to Pet Monarchy





Enter our Contest to Win Free Custom Made by Pet Monarchy Garment for Your Pet, Regardless of Species or Breed. 

The Garment will be made to measure and will take gender/species of the pet in consideration.  Value up to $100.00!


Enter Here to Participate and Learn More!  





- donates up to 15% off our sales towards no-kill shelters,

pet recues and pet charities. 

 - does custom made apparel (made to measure, budget and needs)

for Pets and Humans

- gives you option to literally order garment in any size and shape,

see our Size Chart

has Size Chart which by default includes small critters, cats and dogs

and custom sizes to any species

- represents innovative approach to fashion designs

 - creates unique, glorious, trendy fashions

- provides free estimates on custom garments

 - sells hand picked, carefully selected best products

in Pet Industry with lowest prices

 - has amazing, attentive customer service

 - treats Clients like Family and their Pets like Royalty!  

 Dear Client, You Are Pawesome,

we hope you enjoy our store!  Meow! Woof! 

 Attention Wholesalers and Companiesdue to our popularity, we encounter huge number of enquiries from businesses which want to sell on our website. We try our best to investigate (choose the best value, the best quality and the best possible price for our customers) and add products if they pass customers' test....At the same time we are sorry to inform that we will have to revalute some companies we represent on our website due to the minimum or no existing interest from our clients.... We appologize for any inconvenience.

 Customers' choice and satisfaction is our first priority!